The Company

About Us

Vision Maintenance and Decor L.L.C, was established since
MAY 2019 and been operating and dealing with decoration works, ceiling and wall partitions. Over the years, the company’s drive and passion for providing high quality to its customers not only focused on to success but also with the development of productivity of each employee.

Its main purpose is to obtain the best construction technical services to provide excellent services to customers and to upgrade the lives of every employee within the company through development.

It specializes in false ceilings, partitions, gypsum decoration works, wood work & glass who’s closely supervised by Engr. Tamer Baghdady & Engr. Mohammed Fahmy with the coordination of project managers, engineers and staffs for an efficient implementation and execution of the project along with experienced and skilled workers.


Throughout past 5 years history filled with success and commitment, our ever-growing portfolio of groundbreaking services and end-to-end solutions backed by high-quality service and outstanding products. Going beyond influencing our customers, we have established a partnership with  Vision Maintenance and Decor LLC, which was founded in 2019 and has an extended history and scale on the world of false ceiling and gypsum board in the UAE.


Moreover, we have collaborated with dozens of high-profile clients who have helped us build the empire 

EMAAR,DAMAC,MIRAL,DUBAI PROPERTIES ,DUBAI SOUTH,AZIZI DEVELOPMENT’S etc.Innovative partnerships help innovate a better future and long-term relationships, as well as building new strong connections and strengthen the company’s profile and integrity.